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Life is about adventure.
The greatest adventure is people.

We started our consulting agency in the island-nation of Indonesia. It's a place filled with discovery. And a place filled with people. Two things that get us out of bed in the morning. We run a creative consulting business which provides our clients with the best brand identities they can possibly have.

After we understand the workflow, goals, products, story and vision of our client's business, we translate it into one cohesive visual identity. We then use this visual identity (custom logo, fonts, color palette, stationary, and squarespace website) to tell their brand story to the world.

Changing how we operate:

I was in a basement turned coffee shop when I met Hajir. We both loved coffee and lettering. I saw some of his work, he saw some of mine and our relationship started growing. Although he was such a talented artist, he didn't know where to start in regards to staging pieces, talking through pricing & handling finances. I invited him to work with me for a few weeks. He helped me with any hand-lettering work I needed done and I helped him understand workflow and client management (We also paid him a respectable wage which isn't really common around here). We designed, talked through issues, did business, and developed his portfolio to show potential clients and also became good friends in the process.

We create top-notch branding for small businesses by being experienced consultants who take on local designers as part of our team. We give our creatives fair wages, help them develop their skillsets, portfolio, & workflow, and even help them start their own studio if it's their desire.

We are Trailway Co and this is our Adventure––x


Sam Ochoa

Creative Director of Trailway.co

The components of a good business are the same as a good life. All the pieces should connect with one another in pursuit of something great.
Create Top-Notch Branding for Small Businesses & Develop Creative Talent in Underprivileged Towns & Villages.